• Elegant Investments (1996) Limited

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Mission Statement

To ensure our clients prompt and stress free receipt of their income from their hard earned properties and investments.


“Quality and prompt service all the time”


To be property owners company of choice in coast province and nationally

Services and Products

We have continuously provided the following services and much more for the longest period:

  • Land and property management.
  • Sell of properties.
  • Letting houses of all types.
  • Rent collection.
  • Property consultancy
  • Related fields e.g. renovation and assistance in electricity installation.

Market and expansion

Our core market is in the Coastal area of Kenya but with partners all over the world the company is planning to expand and open up branches in other regions of the country. Our head office is located at Mombasa in the 1st floor of Consolidate Bank Building along Nkrumah Road. We have branches in Taveta, Voi, Mtwapa, Ukunda, Likoni, Bamburi and Changamwe.

Meet our team

Mr. James Mugo

Managing Director

Mr. Hamilton Samboja

Financial Director

Mr. Aggrey Maneno

Operations Manager

Patrick Mghanga

General Manager

Watu Wa  Nyumba

Our key strength and biggest pride is selfless services and timely payments to our landlords.


Our staff are highly motivated and very experienced employees with unmatched and deep understanding of the property market in coast and nationally. The company knows no barriers when it comes to staff empowerment and it ensures that our staff are unmatched with an extra edge in the market. The company is deeply dedicated and tied to our esteemed customers and ensures that customer satisfaction is guaranteed. The company also educates and trains both the staff and customers on the current trends and practices hence ensuring great decision making and quality services. The company undisputedly offers the best working condition ever provided to our staff and this is evidenced by the lowest staff turnover with none of our staff having quit.


The company boasts of having the widest network coverage by having a total of 8 offices. With the head office located in the Island of Mombasa and branches in Taveta, Voi, Ukunda, Mtwapa, Likoni, Bamburi and Changamwe. The field officers are also facilitated with motorbikes which ensures that all our properties are visited and checked on. There is an average of two motorbikes in every branch with two or more field officers. The company has state of the art equipment and hi-tech software and a well-integrated ERP.


The company has been profitable and is foreseeing future growth in profits and an ever expanding its balance sheet statement.

The statement of cash flows is healthy and the turnover is ever increasing at a high percentage in every month.

Field of activity

The company has excelled in the field of Property Management, Rent collection, Letting of Vacant houses, Sale of property, Property Consultancy services to mention but a few.

The company currently has a staff of about 50 highly experienced and motivated employees and is ever expanding and recruiting as at and when more manpower is required.

The company is a limited liability company registered under the company’s act of Kenya.


The company upholds the highest levels of quality in the real estate field. This is verified by the fact that we are registered under the Real Estate Agency Board vide number 801 and have won many accolades. The company doesn’t only comply to the companies act and estate registration board regulations but has undertaken measures to ensure the highest quality standards by engraving quality in its products and services.


The company has an unlimited capacity and capability to handle any issues with regards to property management and rent collection. This is further enhanced by the company’s integrated software which makes the running of business to be as smooth as can be.

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